Sun for Everyone Endowment Fund

Slunce (which means “sun” in Czech) is a unique group of private facilities (consisting of, among others, a private school and a social services center) providing a wide range of educational and social services. The Sun for Everyone Endowment Fund oversees all fundraising activities related to these facilities.

Slunce was founded in 1991 by Mr. and Mrs. Dvořák and nowadays provides services for about 200 clients daily (120 students and 80 social services clients) and further cares for over 1300 clients in out-patient special-educational, psychological and social counseling services.

Professionals at Slunce provide services for a wide range of persons with disabilities – caring for them from their early childhood (nursery care, elementary school, high school etc.) into their adulthood (adult day care center, assisted living facilities etc.).

Slunce supports persons with disabilities throughout their entire life.

Slunce's facilities are primarily located in the cities of Unhošť, Stochov, Kyšice and Horní Bezděkov in the Central Bohemia region.

The facilities are easily accessible for people from the western part of the Central Bohemia region (the townships of Kladno and Beroun) and also from Prague (within 30 minutes driving distance).

One of the main financial sources for Slunce is charity. The Sun for Everyone Endowment Fund supports all the facilites of Slunce and enables us to fulfill our motto: “The sun shines for everyone.”

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Nadační fond Slunce pro všechny
“Sun for Everyone Endowment Fund”
Pražská 910
27351 Unhošť
Czech Republic

Phone: +420 312 690 298, +420 312 698 188

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